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Resources are the natural resources that play a long-term and fundamental role in boosting the development of the national economy. China VOLINCO resources trade business mainly covers international operation of the specific products, equipment and services.


Utilizing the superiority and influence of China aerospace industry in international markets, the resources trade business is committed to achieve enlargement in scale, industrialization and internationalization. Focusing on the resources industry chain, China VOLINCO adopts a business strategy to rely on the domestic trade (raw materials, and finished products) as the driving force to boom the import (raw materials) business, and levers the overseas development and operation, which further promotes the industrialization and capital operation of resource business both at home and abroad. China VOLINCO has gradually established chrome ore, manganese ore, agricultural & forestry products, iron ore, steel and logs as its major business commodities. Meanwhile, we are expanding our market for the import and export of nickel, copper, soybean, coal, petroleum, other major resources and their related equipments. Through investment, mergers & acquisitions of foreign mineral resources, we’ll further expand the scale of resource business, providing clients with appropriated professional services.

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