Vehicle & Chassis
Oil Distribution Truck

The oil distribution truck, adopting Class II chassis and being added with special parts of refueling trucks, is mainly used to transport the light fuel oil, e.g. gasoline and kerosene, and quantitatively fill it into the mechanical equipment.


The truck uses special chassis for fuel oil trucks and front-located engine exhaust pipes, and the chassis emission complies with National Phase II Motor Truck Emission Standard. It also has good power performance, strong adaptability, high reliability, and other performance all meeting the service requirement.


The oil circuit system is composed of oil pump, ball valve, quick coupling, flow meter, refueling machine, refueling machine reel, filter, safety valve and pipeline. The maximum single-pipe refueling capacity through pipelines of the oil pumping system can reach more than 200L/min, and the flow rate through the refueling machine is 50L/min. Generally, the oil circuit system is located inside the front cabinet between the cab and the tank.





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