Petrochemical & LNG
Pressure Vessel Series

China VOLINCO is qualified to design and manufacture pressure vessels of A1, A2, C2. It also obtained ASME "U" and "U2" authorized certificates and HPO authorized certificate of Europe standard pressure vessel component manufacture. The products include various kinds of pressure vessels made of carbon steel of grades I, II, II, stainless steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metal materials, such as various fixed tube-sheet, floating head, and bellows heat exchangers, various hydrogenation, synthesis and methanol reactors, various water-gas-liquid two-phase or three-phase separators, various vertical or horizontal storage and transport equipment, and chemical mechanical equipment complying with ASME specifications.


China VOLINCO has professional technical teams, strict management mechanism, advanced processing equipment, and complete quality assurance systems for pressure vessel design and manufacture. The products are widely used in industries of fertilizer, petroleum, natural gas, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, and environmental protection. The products are designed, manufactured, inspected and accepted strictly in accordance with relevant national standards, world standards and special requirements of users with reliable quality and excellent service. The products are used widely in China and exported to the United States, Europe, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. China VOLINCO has established long-term strategic cooperation and deep associate production relationship with well-known domestic and overseas corporations, such as CNPC, SINOPEC, China Datang Corporation, AP Corporation and GE Corporation from the United States. The products are quite popular among domestic and overseas users.


A.High Pressure Methanol Synthesis Reactor



High pressure methanol synthesis tower



Methanol separator



B.Hydrogenation Reactor

In petroleum refining industry, the hydrogenation process is mainly used in hydrocracking and also hydrorefining to remove the impurities containing oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. from the oil product. And it makes alkene totally saturated and arene partially saturated, so as to improve the oil product quality. In coal chemical industry, it is used in coal hydrogenation liquefaction to extract liquid fuel.


China VOLINCO has mature design teams, good material purchase channels and excellent quality control methods to ensure high welding quality and strict process control.



Hydrorefining reactor



Two-section hydrogenation reactor


C.Heat Exchanger


The types of heat exchangers include fixed tube-sheet, U-shape tube-sheet, floating head, plate, etc. The materials of heat exchangers include carbon steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metal, and dual-phase steel. Various heat exchangers are widely used in chemical, petroleum, power, fine chemical, fertilizer, and other industry sectors.



New high temperature cooler DN4000



Intercooler of S22253




LNG sea-water vaporizer

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