Petrochemical & LNG
Pig Receiver & Launcher

The pig receiver & launcher is the important equipment for cleaning the pipeline and is connected to long distance transmission pipelines and technological pipelines in the station. China VOLINCO strictly complies with the requirements of China’s national standards in the process of design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance. The pig receiver & launcher adopts the most advanced quick opening closure in the world and the self-locked device with safe and reliable performance. It can avoid faulty operation and is flexible and convenient in opening and closing with excellent sealing performance. It has an indicator used to accurately judge whether the pipe cleaner has been launched or received. The indicator can be welding pointer type or binding ultrasonic type according to the customer’s requirements. Besides, it adopts sufficient safety margin design and can withstand the impact load produced by the pipe cleaner in working. It has the advantages of longer lifetime, better performance and lower cost than other products of the same kind.






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