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LNG Mini Mobile Liquefaction Equipment (MMLE) System Solution

The LNG mini mobile liquefaction equipment (MMLE) system solution can be used to establish urban natural gas peak-shaving stations, develop remote small-scaled gas fields and liquefy unconventional natural gases like coal bed gases, biological gas and shale gas. It is convenient for LNG storage and transport and can efficiently make up for the deficiency of a traditional LNG liquefaction factory which has a small application range. The solution has the advantages of short construction period, synchronization of liquefaction equipment manufacture and site construction, detachable and re-installable equipment, resource-saving, cost reduction and lower requirement for sites compared with traditional liquefaction factories.





Main skids:

                                             Deacidification skid                                                                        Dehydration skid



                                   Cooling box Skid                                                                            Cooling box



                                               Compressor skid                                                                          Cryogen supplement skid



                                                Cryogen supplement skid                                                            Water supply skid



                                                Hot media oil skid                                                                        Central control skid


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