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Safe City

Safe city construction means Public Security, Fire Control, Transportation, People’s Armed Police, Telecommunications, Military Security and Health Departments combines together, then take full advantage of existing system resources to provide integrated security solutions in order to create first-class land-sea-air three-dimensional network security system, improving security and promoting comprehensive support capability, to ensure the safety of citizen, infrastructure, information  communications and traffic.


Safe city construction system covers three levels:

•     Facilities Safety and Security Protection

•     Regional Safety and Security Protection

•     Metropolitan area Safety and Security Protection


Compared with “traditional safe city”, new generation safe city stands out more intelligent technology and Human-oriented design theory, intensifies resource sharing and cooperation among multiple police categories and multi-departments. It transforms analysis and disposal after event pattern into pre-warning before hand and disposal during the event. It satisfies urban security, traffic security, producing security, health epidemic prevention, event disaster and nature disaster, security management and regulation requirement, and realizes “one station” service.


Structure System



System Topology




Systemic Function


Technology Application





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