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Major Events Security Plan

Major events security, a technical synthesized plan, is designed for meeting the integral security control and security business management of complicated and large-scale activities. To make comprehensive application of multi-mode detection, large-scale isomerous video integration, general trend display, dynamic police force simulation, integrated communication scheduling and other technologies so as to realize the efficient and reliable management over security command work of large-scale activities. It achieves joint command and control of integral security, improves prevention and control management efficiency and realizes the security condition perception, analysis and display of prevention and control areas. It realizes accurate measurement and evaluation of security force for major events and achieves accurate police force support and coordinated command of multiple business departments and multiple police categories over large-scale activities.





Successful Cases


A. The Olympic Games Security Technological System


For the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, we built the large-scale comprehensive Olympic security prevention, control and guarantee system, and successfully completed the technical guarantee. We made important contribution to the fulfillment of high-tech and safe Olympics, and was commended and highly affirmed by the State Council.

The construction and game guarantee tasks of the Olympic Games Security Technological System involved:

➢Security front headquarters control system of the Olympic Games;

➢Development, integration and deployment of 108 sets of Olympic event control system;

➢Perimeter and area technical protection and monitoring system of 94 venues and 58 Olympic venues;

➢RFID-based security real-name management and control system;

➢Venue control system security and backbone network security system;

➢Construction of the backbone communication networks of venues and facilities and event guarantee

Cities Involved:

Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Hongkong

Comments from VIP:

Mr. Roger, the Chairman of International Committee of Olympic Games praised that the security ensuring work of the Olympic Games was “so cautious”.

The security counselor Peter Ryan acclaimed that security ensuring work in Beijing Olympic Games was excellent in “Five Synchronizations”,which was worth promoting in other cities holding Olympic Games and it was the best one that he had ever seen.








B. Shanghai World Expo Park Security Control System


Being the general contractor of Shanghai World Expo Park Security Control System Project, we undertook the project design, execution and operation and maintenance guarantee during the event, and completed the construction of 10-odd systems, involving land, water, underwater vertical monitoring, face image acquisition and comparison, invasion alarm networking, field emergency response systems, providing powerful guarantee for the security of the World Expo.

The construction of Shanghai World Expo Security Control System covered: general design of “2010 Shanghai World Expo Park Security Control and Command System”, general contract and operation and maintenance service of “2010 Shanghai World Expo Park Security Control System Construction Project”.


Project construction subsystems covered: vertical monitoring system; land electronic enclosure system; invasion alarm networking system; water bank electronic enclosure system; face image acquisition and comparison system; underwater target detection and response system; field emergency response system; radio antiriot interference system; information security system; visualized command system; operation condition monitoring and management system; access control networking system, etc.



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