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International Innovation Investment Platform Launches in Beijing

The First International Industrial Capacity Cooperation Forum and the Eighth China Overseas Investment Fair was held in Beijing on October 20, 2016. At the opening ceremony, Volinco Chinaman and President of the ASEAN-China Youth Entrepreneurs Association jointly unveiled the International Innovation Investment Platform which was independently designed, constructed and operated by Volinco.

Focusing on the publication of innovation fruits and information sharing, the International Innovation Investment Platform will strive to become an integrated service platform that connects global innovation resources, international capital, service agencies and entrepreneurs. Gradually, the Platform will introduce a series of international innovation topics and provide international business advisory services by leveraging on Volinco's years of accumulation in talents and channels, so as to provide decision supports for government-led entrepreneurship entities. In addition, the Platform will leverage on social capital and management funds, and offer entrepreneurship guidance for foreign and domestic technology-intensive small and medium enterprises or invest in their equities. Moreover, the Platform will interconnect with domestic innovation and entrepreneurship parks and incubators and foster a supporting service system through the organic combination of innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, as well as manufacturing and services, thereby driving the innovation of the entire society.

For more information on International Innovation Investment Platform, please visit www.volinplatform.com.

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