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Aerospace-special Vehicles Are Put Into Full Use For Supporting Earthquake Relief Work In Tibet

At 14:11 of April 25 (Beijing time), a magnitude - 8.1 earthquake occurred in Nepal, which could obviously be felt by residents in Shigatse City of Tibet, China. And in Geelong County, Nielamu County and other counties, it caused interruption of transportation and communication, collapse of house and so on.


After learning about the disaster, Chinese government immediately organized emergency squad for participating in earthquake relief. Relevant units subordinated to CASIC also received notice of technical assistance for taking part in disaster relief in Shigatse City, upon which service personnel and technical maintenance personnel to be stationed in Tibet were dispatched in no time, with the emergency rescue vehicles maintained and repaired, including off-road type self-propelled cooking vehicle, off-road type expanding camping vehicle and field power-generating vehicle.


Off-road type self-propelled cooking vehicle, off-road type expanding camping vehicle and field power-generating vehicle are special emergency rescue vehicles produced by companies affiliated to CASIC; they are capable of providing units performing field tasks with logistical supports such as food, accommodation and power supply, with features of efficiency, safety, simplicity of operation and so on.


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