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Qatar Ambassador to China Visited VOLINCO

The Qatar ambassador to China Mr. Sultan Almansouri was invited to visit VOLINCO on March 18. He was warmly received by the leaders of VOLINCO.


The president of VOLINCO expressed gratitude to the Embassy of Qatar in China for its great support during VOLINCO’s development of Qatar market, and said that VOLINCO will take Qatar as the most important market in the Gulf. The CIO of VOLINCO specially showed the official website and e-Marketplace of VOLINCO to the ambassador and formally invited the ambassador and authoritative agents in Qatar to make a registration on e-Marketplace to be the partner of VOLINCO, to further promote the development of civilian product business.


Mr. Sultan said he will, as always, support the work of VOLINCO in Qatar market. He hopes that VOLINCO and the embassy will continue to keep good communication, and make contribution to the cooperation of both countries in various fields.

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